G20 Summit 2023: Building a Sustainable Future with ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ for all mankind.


G20 Summit 2023 is a major meeting where 19 important countries and European Union leaders come together to talk about important global issues. This time, this is happening in New Delhi, India. The theme for this G20 summit is “one earth, one family, one future”, which means that they want to show that everything on our planet, such as people, animals, plants and even small creatures, all connected and are important.

The summit is necessary because it is a chance for our global leaders to work together on important things like environment, economy and health. They discuss and plan how to make our world better and safe. The decisions taken here have impact on the whole world, so this is an important event for everyone to pay attention.

The G20 Summit 2023: India’s Proud Hostship

Being an Indian, I am thrilled to share how our country is taking the center stage as the host of the G20 summit in 2023. When India hosts such an important global program, it is like hosting a grand family meeting where we welcome leaders from all over the world.

First, we have the privilege of selecting the location, and this time, we have chosen New Delhi as a venue. It is like inviting everyone at our house, displaying the rich culture and heritage of our nation to the world.

The subject we have chosen for the summit is ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future.’ This topic symbolizes our belief that we are part of a global family, and together, we can create a great future for ourselves and for our planet.

As the host country, our responsibilities are beyond just picking the place. We are responsible for sure that everything goes smoothly, from holding meetings to ensure that they start and finish on time. Think of it as playing the role of a gracious host in a large gathering.

G20 Summit 2023

But it does not stop here. We also gets to set agenda. India will be focusing on important subjects like environment, economy and healthcare. Our aim is to take decisions that benefit not only India but also the whole world.

In short, India’s role as a host country is a matter of great pride and responsibility. We are like the host of a grand family reunion, where our goal is to provide leaders to come together, talk and make decisions that can shape the future of our planet. This is an incredible honor, and we are firm to make it successful.

Dear fellow Indians, let’s take a moment to feel proud in our hearts because we welcome the G20 summit in our motherland. This is not just no phenomenon; This is a big thing for our nation. Imagine the hosting of a global gathering of leaders in our backyard! It is like having a family at home for a special celebration. This summit is a history in making , and it is happening here in India.

This is a chance for the world to see our culture, our values and our hot hospitality. This is a moment that we will remember for a long time. So, let’s embrace this historical occasion with open hearts and open minds, as it is a testament of our journey as a nation and our role on the world stage.

The G20 Summit 2023:Special Theme Of the Summit

G20 Summit 2023 Theme

There is a special theme at the G20 summit in 2023: “One Earth, one family, one future.” This topic reminds us that everything on our planet is connected like a big family. It is like saying that we are all part of a big family.

Therefore, the subject is a reminder that we need to take care of our home and each other. This is important because it helps us feel that problems in one part of the world can affect people everywhere. When leaders of G20 countries come together with this theme in mind , they can work together to solve global issues such as climate change, poverty and health crises. In this way, we can build a better future for all of us, because, in the end, we are a big global family living on Earth.

The G20 Summit 2023 Process:

The G20 process is like planning a large party where everyone discusses important things. It has three main parts: ministerial meetings, work groups and engagement groups.

1. Ministerial meetings (planning phase):

the G20 summit as a major event. Prior to the main program, there are important plan meetings. These are called ministerial meetings. In G20, each country sends its top government officials, such as the Finance Minister or Minister of Foreign Affairs to these meetings.

These ministers discuss various important topics, such as when your family is planning a big meeting. They talk about things like economy, health, business and more.

2. Working Group (Special Team):

Now, think of these work groups as a group of people in special teams or family reunion. Each team has a specific job or work. In G20, these teams focus on special topics, such as climate change, health or education. Experts from different countries work together in these teams.

For example, climate change team is like a group of experts who talk about how to take care of the Earth. They discuss ways to reduce pollution, save energy and protect the environment. These teams Find solution to problems.

3. Engagement Group (Inviting friends and neighbors):

The engagement groups are a bit like inviting their friends and neighbors to the family reunion. They are not part of the official plan team, but they have important ideas to share. There are various groups, such as youth, women, business and more.

The young group represents the younger generation and shares its thoughts and concerns. The women’s group focuses on issues related to women’s rights and empowerment. Business group talks about how businesses can contribute to a better world.

These engagement groups ensure that everyone’s ideas and needs are considered, just as your friend and neighboring family may suggest fun activities or dishes to include in the reunion.

4. Leaders’ Summit (Grand Family Reunion):

Now, here is the most important part: the summit of the leaders. Imagine that only the Grand Family Reunion. After all plans, discussions and inputs from various groups, leaders of G20 countries come together for large programme.

At the summit of the leaders, they discuss the most important issues concerning the world. They take decisions that can affect not only their countries but also the whole world.

So, the leader summit is the pinnacle of the G20 process, where all plans and hard work gives rise to important decisions and tasks. For example, your family is a special time for reunion binding, the G20 Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity for world leaders to work together and make the world a better place for all.

In simple terms, the G20 process is like organizing a large family reunion, where everyone plans, discusses, and finally, leaders come together to make important decisions for a better world.

Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE): Making Earth-Friendly Choices:

Life is like a guide that is good for our Earth to help us create options that make us the options. It is about living in a way that keeps our planet healthy, just as we take care of our home. Life focuses on two important levels: things we do as individuals and the big options made by our entire country.

1. Personal Options:

Think of life as a set of friendly tips that remind us of being kind to the earth. For example, it encourages us to use and recycle less plastic. It says, “Hey, perhaps you can ride or ride a bike instead of using a car. It’s better for air and planet.” Life suggests even eating food that does not harm the environment like local and biological items.

Therefore, at the individual level, life reminds us that every small action matters. When we make these earth -friendly options in our daily life, it adds and helps the planet to stay clean and healthy.

2. National Option:

Now, let’s talk about the big picture. Life also guides our entire country in making smart options. Like our leaders in the government, life asks them to think about the earth when they make important decisions.

For example, it says, “Let’s use clean energy like solar and wind energy to make electricity. It is better for our Earth that is better than burning pollution things.” It also tells our country to protect nature and wildlife, such as our forests and rivers.

Therefore, at the national level, life reminds our leaders to think about what is good for our planet when they plan big things. When our entire country makes these earth favorable options, it helps us a cleaner, greenery and blueer in future.

In short, LiFE is like a friendly earth assistant. It guides us to make good options as individuals and reminds the leaders of our country that they make big decisions. By following life, we can all play a role to keep our earth healthy and beautiful.

Working Groups and Focus Areas:

Serial No.Working GroupFocus AreaAim at the Summit
1Agriculture Working GroupFarming and foodFinding ways to ensure there's enough good food for everyone without harming the environment.
2Anti-Corruption Working GroupPreventing corruptionEnsuring fairness and honesty in governments and businesses to create equal opportunities.
3Culture Working GroupCelebrating culturesPromoting cultural exchange and understanding between countries.
4Digital Economy Working GroupTechnology and the internetEnsuring a safe and beneficial internet, creating jobs, and improving lives through technology.
5Disaster Risk Reduction Working GroupPreparing for natural disastersMaking communities safer, reducing disaster damage, and aiding recovery efforts.
6Development Working GroupHelping countries grow and improveReducing poverty and improving lives through investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.
7Education Working GroupEducation and learningEnsuring access to quality education for all, including improving schools and skills training.
8Employment Working GroupJobs and working conditionsCreating more jobs, improving working conditions, and supporting workers.
9Environment and Climate Sustainability Working GroupProtecting the environment and fighting climate changeReducing pollution, conserving resources, and addressing climate change.
10Energy Transitions Working GroupEnergy sources and sustainabilityTransitioning to cleaner and sustainable energy sources, reducing fossil fuel use, and promoting renewables.
11Health Working GroupHealthcare and wellnessEnsuring access to good healthcare, responding to health emergencies, and promoting healthy living.
12Trade and Investment Working GroupInternational trade and investmentEnsuring fair and beneficial trade, removing trade barriers, and supporting economic growth.
13Tourism Working GroupTravel and tourismBoosting tourism in a responsible and sustainable way, benefiting both visitors and destinations.

The G20 Membership:

G20 is like a large group of important countries that come together to talk about global issues. This group has 19 countries, as well as the European Union (EU). The G20 is like a team of countries working together to talk about important global issues.

Here G20 has 19 countries:

 ArgentinaAlberto FernándezPresident
 AustraliaAnthony AlbanesePrime Minister
 BrazilLuiz Inácio Lula da SilvaPresident
 CanadaJustin Pierre James TrudeauCanada
 ChinaXi JinpingPresident
 FranceEmmanuel MacronPresident
 GermanyOlaf ScholzChancellor
 IndiaNarendra ModiPrime Minister
 IndonesiaJoko WidodoPresident
 ItalyGiorgia MeloniPrime Minister
 JapanFumio KishidaPrime Minister
 MexicoAndrés Manuel López ObradorPresident
 Russian FederationVladimir PutinPresident
 Saudi ArabiaSalman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudking
 South AfricaCyril RamaphosaPresident
 South KoreaYoon Suk-yeolPresident
 TurkeyRecep Tayyip ErdoğanPresident
 United KingdomRishi SunakPrime Minister
 United StatesJoe BidenPresident
 European Union[52]Charles Michel andPresident Of EU
Ursula von der LeyenPresident OF EC

India’s Presidency:

India has a special role in G20 Summit 2023. This is like being a team leader for a while. India is the presidential post from December 2022 to November 2023. During this time, India gets to decide which issue is most important to talk about, and India will organize important meetings, such as the G20 summit in New Delhi. This is a big responsibility, and India aims to improve the world during its presidential post.

Expected Outcomes:

The leaders Declaration is a special promise made by leaders of important countries during the G20 summit. This is important because it talks about things that they agree to do together to improve the world.

Why this is important:

1)Getting Things Done: Declaration is like a plan. It says what every country should do to solve big global problems like climate change, poverty and health issues. When leaders promise to work together, it is more likely that things will actually change.

2)Working as a team: G20 leaders come from different countries with different views. When they all agree on something, it shows that they can work together for the good of all. It is like teamwork globally.

3)Keeping leaders accountable: The declaration makes leaders responsible for promising. If they say that they will reduce pollution or help poor countries, people will see that they actually do so.

G20 leaders’ commitments:

These are specific things that leaders promise to do on the basis of the priorities of the summit. For example, if the summit is about climate change, leaders can promise to use clean energy or protect forests. If it is about the economy, they can pledge to create employment or support businesses.

These commitments are like action plans. Leaders do not just talk; They promise to take real steps to solve problems. It is like promising to do your homework or clean your room, but on a very large scale, and it affects the whole world.

In short, the announcement of leaders is a important because it is the place where leaders promise to work together and take action on global issues. These commitments are important because they can make the world a better place for all.

Global Agreement and Solid actions are the most expected Outcome of the G20 Summit 2023.

1)Global Agreement: Leaders are expected to make agreements on important global issues like climate change, economy and health, determining directions for international policies.

2)Solid actions: The summit aims to result in specific functions and policies by the G20 countries, such as reducing emissions, supporting economic reforms and improving global health, creating positive impact on the world.


Image Via Flickr by  Palácio do Planalto

G20 Summit 2023 was an important gathering of leaders of major economies of the world. Here are the major takeaways and why it was so important:

1)Theme of “One Earth, One Family, One Future”: This subject emphasized the idea that we are all connected, not only humans but also with all living things on our planet. This highlighted the importance of taking care of our earth for a better future.

2)Pay attention to “Lifestyle (Life) for Environment”: Life encouraged our daily life and national level responsible and sustainable options. It was a goal to create a cleaner, greener and healthy world.

3)Announcement of leaders: The summit resulted in an announcement of a leader, where the leaders committed and planned to deal with global issues.

4)Global Agreement: Leaders discussed and agreed to various topics including climate change, economic reform and global health. These agreements have a major impact on the whole world.

The summit was important because it emphasized that we all share an earth and a future. This highlighted the importance of working together to protect our planet and create better life for all. Focusing on life showed that our daily options can also bring a big difference.

The Declarations that will be made by the leaders in the announcements are promises that can give shape to improve our world. This peak was not just a meeting; This was a more connected and a step towards a durable future for all of us.

FAQ Section

FAQ Regarding G20 Summit

Q1: What exactly is the G20 Summit?

Ans: it is a big meeting of leaders from 19 important countries and the European Union. They get together to talk about problems that affect the whole world.

Q2: Why is the G20 Summit such a big deal?

Ans: It’s a big deal because these leaders make plans to solve major global issues like climate change, poverty, and health. Their decisions impact people worldwide.

Q3: Where did they have the G20 Summit in 2023?

Ans: In 2023, India hosted the G20 Summit, and it took place in New Delhi, India.

Q4: Can you tell me the theme of the G20 Summit 2023?

Ans: The theme was “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” It’s all about how we’re connected to our planet and why it’s crucial to take care of it.

Q5: I keep hearing about the Leaders’ Declaration. What is that?

Ans: It’s like a promise made by the leaders during the summit. They commit to taking actions to solve big global problems like climate change and poverty.

Q6: What’s this “Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE)” thing about?

Ans: LiFE is about making responsible choices in our daily lives and also at the country level. The goal is to make the world cleaner, greener, and healthier.

Q7: How long does India get to be in charge of the G20?

Ans: India held the G20 Presidency from December 2022 to November 2023.

Q8: What happens after the G20 Summit ends?

Ans: After the summit, leaders head back to their countries and start working on the promises they made during the summit.

Q9: Can regular folks like us attend the G20 Summit?

Ans: Nope, the G20 Summit is for leaders and officials from the member countries. But what they discuss affects all of us, so it’s important.

Q10: So, what’s the main goal of the G20 Summit?

Ans: The main goal is to find solutions to global problems, create policies that make the world better, and make sure countries work together for the good of everyone. It’s like teamwork on a global scale!